Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

They say that the way you spend your New Years day sets the tone for the rest of the year.  I would say that we are going to have a pretty spectacular 2013. 

Before we get there, back up with me to the week of Christmas.

Clay, Addison, and I spent 3 days in Comanche.  Addison and I enjoyed the Comanche City Park while Clay enjoyed some time in the deer blind. 

We started a new family tradition by letting the kids decorate sugar cookies for Santa.  While we were in college, Doris would always send the best sugar cookies perfectly iced to us on the holidays.  It was these cookies that I was channeling when I was baking and icing. I’m afraid that I will need a cookie intervention before next year, but any imperfections were hidden by Addison and Ethan’s decorations! 

After opening presents Christmas eve morning, we headed home to Lubbock where the Meltons were waiting for us.  My mom and dad and Melody and Jeff had arrived the night before.  How exciting it was to be greeted at the door by them! After settling in, we put on our Christmas finery to go to the 6:30 Christmas Eve service at our church.  We were so proud of ourselves arriving early at the church at 6:05, only to learn that the service started at 6:00.  Despite our tardiness, we were happy to sit together at the front of the church.  It was a beautiful night of musical praise and reflection.  We left with the fresh reminder that Jesus is our light and we are his conduits, shining into world. 
Christmas morning Addison woke up bright and early.  When she walked into the living room to seethe stockings lined by the chimney with her American Girl Bitty Baby from Santa her only response was “Whoa!”  The Bitty Baby box couldn’t get opened fast enough! 

We had a wonderful WHITE Christmas!  Addison is one blessed little girl!
Honey stayed with us through the week of Christmas and then joined as we took a road trip to Llano for the second annual New Years Grandkid Palooza (note:  add Roozie or Palooza to any word and it instantly becomes more fun…just ask my Aunt Patty)!  Mom joined my Aunt P and Uncle Ray and Addison joined cousins Luke and Corbin for a party (note:  call anything a party and again, more fun).  We are relatively certain that anything goes with Ray, P, and Honey in charge and most certain that everyone had a wonderful time!

Luke, Addison and Corbin - to infinity and beyond!
Party in bed!
Addison in the nativity 2011 and 2012

Fish face at Cabella's
Meanwhile, Clay and I met up with the Erwin Family Nation in Fredericksburg for Walt Wilkins' annual birthday concert at the Auslander.  We were happy to get the brand new Mystiqueros CD, Wild Cat Pie, while we were there and now have it on constant spin. 

After 2 days in Fredericksburg we were ready to be reunited with our girl.  We said goodbye to our family in Llano and took off to Gruene. For the past 3 years, we have spent a quiet New Years Eve, enjoying dinner as a family of 3 at the Gristmill, followed by fudge from the Gruene General Store, and staying at the charming Gruene Mansion Inn.  We wake up refreshed in the new year ready for what has become our favorite show of the year – the Gruene Hall Hair of the DogConcert…12 hours of non-stop music with 4 hours from the Mystiqueros.  Addison is definitely her daddy’s girl and rocked out almost the entire show.  She loved watching the band, dancing to the music, and entertaining everyone…she even joined the band (well kind of) when Tina gave her a hand shaker to play. 

We woke up on the second ready for our trek home to start the new year. Addison was such a trooper on our 900+ mile trip.

2012 was a year full of many blessings and adventures. Cheers to what's ahead in 2013!

Amen and pass the butter,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Want, Need, Wear, and Read

This Christmas I found myself with my hands a little full and wanting to enjoy the spirit of the season.  I’ve always been more of a quality of quantity person, and I hope to raise Addison to have the same attitude.  So, this year, more than ever, I was committed to a simple holiday.

This year, my sister-in-law Jen and I began a new gift giving philosophy.  And it goes like this:  something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, something to READ.  Our hope was to keep the focus on the season and not the number of presents under the tree. 

Between Honey and Poppa, Aunt Meddy and Uncle Heffrey, Pops, Mary, and Megan, and Uncle Zack and Aunt Jen, there were plenty of presents under the tree.  To be honest, I don’t know that Addison will ever notice the philosophy, but I know that Clay and I will – for the better!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Santa

We were constantly on the road throughout November.  It seemed like we were all a little road weary, including Addison.  The first weekend of December was the first time all 3 of us had been home together in several weeks.  We had planned our usual Sunday – wake up by the Addison alarm and head to church; however, our alarm must have been pretty tired (or sensed that we needed the extra sleep).  When she finally woke up, we instead decided on a lazy morning and (sorry Mom and Pastor Craig) skipped church. 

After an amazing brunch (because of both the food and the child’s behavior) at Manna, we thought it would be a good time to run by and see Santa.  We got there right when Santa arrived.  After a short line, we approached Santa, and Addison was not impressed.  So, in an effort to move along the growing line and save my girl from the ever terrifying Santa, I stepped in to join her for a picture.  I’m not sure what Addison wished for (but am pretty sure she asked for an American Girl)
Ever since Addison was born, my mom, sister and I have been excited for our trip to the American Girl store.  Growing up, I still remember when Melody and I got our dolls – Samantha for Melody, Kirsten for me.  We were recently at our parents’ house and got down our dolls.  Addison LOVES dolls and drug Kirsten around so much that her arm came off…not to worry, the American Girl Store has a hospital! 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to the American Girl Store!  We were in little girl heaven!  Lots of light, bright color, happy faces everywhere.  We snacked at the bistro where we dined with a borrowed American Girl doll and we selected Addison’s first American Girl – a Bitty Baby!  Hopefully Santa will come through! 

We discovered that there is nothing like a gigantic toy store to bring out the kid in you.  We oohed and ahhed over all the dolls as much (or even more) than Addison did!  Although Addison won’t remember her first trip to the American Girl Store, I know that my sister, mom and I will, and next year after Thanksgiving we will enjoy it again!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Family

Our dear friend Ellen has become our family photographer.  She knows us, our personalities, and how to get great shots within the short attention span of a 19 month old (and her father).  Check out how much Addison has grown since the last EK Photography (or as Clay would say Photographa) session, and even crazier, check us out the year before our girl was born!  Seems like a lifetime ago!  Ellen has such a great eye.  We love her and the memories she has captured for our family!


Merry Christmas and Amen and Pass the Butter,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ZJE&E Visit

What fun it was to have Zack, Jen, Ethan, and Eli in for a visit!  With an 18 month old , 2 1/2 year old, and 3 month old around, one thing is for sure - we didn't stay still for long.
A little parental ingenuity!
Saturday afternoon, we had a fun time at the Corn Maze.  We got lost in the hay maze, took a ride in a cow train, and saw animals at the petting zoo. 
Riding the cow train!
Our little critters!

After taking in the sun and the sights, we ended our visit with a good old fashioned hayride to the pumpkin patch.


What a wonderful weekend we had enjoying the beautiful fall weather and enjoying our family!
Sweet cousins
Amen and Pass the Butter,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

One thing is for sure...Addison is a festive little girl! 

Addison LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so her costume was an easy choice...she was the sweetest Minnie!
Our Halloween was full of trick or treating, candy, friends and fun! By the end of the night, Addison was a tired, sticky mess.   

Maggie the Butterfly and Minnie Mouse Addison

Hadley the Witch and Minnie Addison
Our night was the start of many new traditions - trick or treating with friends, Hadley's Halloween party, and the CTHG office treat! 
Amen and Pass the Butter (and candy)!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Honey Time

Today's post featuring guest blogger, Honey!

Addison and I enjoyed a long weekend while Marcy and Clay flew off to South Carolina. Marcy had a fun holiday planned for us:


Our adventure began with a hair cut (complete with glitter and perfume). The beauty shop played pop music. Addison loves music and did a little “shoulder dance” under the hairdresser’s cape!


Next, we went and had Halloween pics taken (2nd annual trip for us!). Our little princess enjoyed the attention – but really isn’t in to sitting still for long.

Then we were off to the mall (AND more importantly the MALL PARK!) Addison started getting excited as we rounded the corner – she knew where we were going (did I mention how smart she is?).


We started off Friday with Gymnastics! It was Addison’s first try. Addison was a bit concerned that I was going to leave her there (like at school). When she realized that Honey was staying, she joined right in. She sat in the circle and listened to the gym instructor intently. She enjoyed the songs and liked climbing. She especially liked walking on the balance beam and hanging from the rings. She is quite strong and can hang all by herself!

After naps … Friday continued with the theme of FUN! We were off to the pumpkin patch (where we stayed for over an hour – playing, riding in the wagon, and making new friends).

Supper found us at Chuck E Cheese!!! Most fun was watching the “show” up front (music video and Chuck E Cheese dancing). She enjoyed riding the little cars.


Saturday was the Lubbock Komen Walk for the Cure. Addison and I were up early Saturday morning to join in. It was such an emotional experience. Addison danced during the warm-up and found many fans for her talent. We walked the mile with such a large group of excited supporters and survivors. I walked to honor my friends D’Anne and Rita.

The morning was cold, but inspiring. Our dear friend Ashley Hamm made sure that ALL of Lubbock was PINK for the weekend.

Saturday afternoon we spent a few hours at the Science Spectrum. Addison loves to go to discover, touch, and meet new friends.


Addison and I were determined to finish up our “To Do” list. We got up Sunday morning and attended the Erwin’s church home. We attended the contemporary service (Addison loves the music).

Afterwards we headed home to clean up for Clay and Marcy’s homecoming. Everyone was SO EXCITED to see eachother. I headed home for a week of work without my favorite grandblessing. What keeps me going is knowing that a month will not go by without seeing our favorite little girl.
Amen and Pass the Butter,
How lucky we are! 
Amen and Pass the Butter,