Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

They say that the way you spend your New Years day sets the tone for the rest of the year.  I would say that we are going to have a pretty spectacular 2013. 

Before we get there, back up with me to the week of Christmas.

Clay, Addison, and I spent 3 days in Comanche.  Addison and I enjoyed the Comanche City Park while Clay enjoyed some time in the deer blind. 

We started a new family tradition by letting the kids decorate sugar cookies for Santa.  While we were in college, Doris would always send the best sugar cookies perfectly iced to us on the holidays.  It was these cookies that I was channeling when I was baking and icing. I’m afraid that I will need a cookie intervention before next year, but any imperfections were hidden by Addison and Ethan’s decorations! 

After opening presents Christmas eve morning, we headed home to Lubbock where the Meltons were waiting for us.  My mom and dad and Melody and Jeff had arrived the night before.  How exciting it was to be greeted at the door by them! After settling in, we put on our Christmas finery to go to the 6:30 Christmas Eve service at our church.  We were so proud of ourselves arriving early at the church at 6:05, only to learn that the service started at 6:00.  Despite our tardiness, we were happy to sit together at the front of the church.  It was a beautiful night of musical praise and reflection.  We left with the fresh reminder that Jesus is our light and we are his conduits, shining into world. 
Christmas morning Addison woke up bright and early.  When she walked into the living room to seethe stockings lined by the chimney with her American Girl Bitty Baby from Santa her only response was “Whoa!”  The Bitty Baby box couldn’t get opened fast enough! 

We had a wonderful WHITE Christmas!  Addison is one blessed little girl!
Honey stayed with us through the week of Christmas and then joined as we took a road trip to Llano for the second annual New Years Grandkid Palooza (note:  add Roozie or Palooza to any word and it instantly becomes more fun…just ask my Aunt Patty)!  Mom joined my Aunt P and Uncle Ray and Addison joined cousins Luke and Corbin for a party (note:  call anything a party and again, more fun).  We are relatively certain that anything goes with Ray, P, and Honey in charge and most certain that everyone had a wonderful time!

Luke, Addison and Corbin - to infinity and beyond!
Party in bed!
Addison in the nativity 2011 and 2012

Fish face at Cabella's
Meanwhile, Clay and I met up with the Erwin Family Nation in Fredericksburg for Walt Wilkins' annual birthday concert at the Auslander.  We were happy to get the brand new Mystiqueros CD, Wild Cat Pie, while we were there and now have it on constant spin. 

After 2 days in Fredericksburg we were ready to be reunited with our girl.  We said goodbye to our family in Llano and took off to Gruene. For the past 3 years, we have spent a quiet New Years Eve, enjoying dinner as a family of 3 at the Gristmill, followed by fudge from the Gruene General Store, and staying at the charming Gruene Mansion Inn.  We wake up refreshed in the new year ready for what has become our favorite show of the year – the Gruene Hall Hair of the DogConcert…12 hours of non-stop music with 4 hours from the Mystiqueros.  Addison is definitely her daddy’s girl and rocked out almost the entire show.  She loved watching the band, dancing to the music, and entertaining everyone…she even joined the band (well kind of) when Tina gave her a hand shaker to play. 

We woke up on the second ready for our trek home to start the new year. Addison was such a trooper on our 900+ mile trip.

2012 was a year full of many blessings and adventures. Cheers to what's ahead in 2013!

Amen and pass the butter,

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